Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) - What Is It?

Now, let us talk about emotions. I mentioned before that your subconscious mind is also the emotional part of you. Emotions play a big role in conditioning your mind. Whenever you experience something compelling and emotional, your brain will react and release chemicals and proteins together with information sending it down newly created neural pathways.

This is how we can create strong, dominant beliefs in an instant! This process can happen in seconds, and the perfect example is a phobia. When we experience great fear or a near-death experience, new beliefs are created almost instantaneously.

Imagine a snake biting you! You will see the snake biting you, you will feel enormous pain simultaneously, and you will know, based on your old conditioning, that you may die. This experience is an imprint in your mind, and in a matter of seconds, you would be scared of a snake when you see one. You might even fear being in a similar environment as the neurons that fire together, wire together. Experiencing a similar environment will fire over those same neural pathways and will evoke the stress hormones that will remind you of your previous experience.

“Neurons that fire together — wire together”

Emotions can serve us very well. Emotions, if intense enough, always produce behaviour. When you are in control of your emotions, they will support you in creating the life you want. This is because you will then attract what is inside of you. Most people hold onto significant volumes of Negative Emotional Charges (NEC) to the extent that they become a burden. They are such a burden that they affect our focus, thinking, and behaviour, producing corresponding negative results in life

It became a custom in western society to say things like, “You need to accept me for who I really am! If you really loved me, you would accept me with all my issues,” and so on.

“People are not their behaviour!” People can change if they want to and have the resources to do so. I am sure that your behaviour has changed during your lifetime. I am also sure that you are still the same person. The question is, what resources can you use and what behaviour needs to change? Emotions play a big role in our lives, even from a health perspective! Positive emotions are great for your body. Think about it! 

What happens, when you are experiencing any positive excitement, any form of happiness? Your whole body goes into that state the instant your subconscious mind starts processing those positive emotions. Every cell of your body will start dancing and glowing, and you will have a huge amount of energy flowing through your body.

You know this, but most people are not aware that negative emotions are NOT good for the body. In fact, they are the biggest CAUSE of all our diseases, illnesses, syndromes and discomfort! All dark and degenerative diseases/illnesses come from either a significant emotional event or by piled-up Negative Emotional Charges (NEC). The major negative emotions are anger, frustration, rage, shame, sadnessfearanxiety, worry,  doubt, hate, hurt and guilt. Your mind will keep them in your body until it gets some type of learning or resolution to process them.

Do you still feel like hanging on to them?

When we look at emotions from a quantum physics point of view, everything is light energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Your emotions are energy stored in your neural network. Negative emotions have a very low negative energy and a very low frequency. They vibrate so low that they bring down the whole person’s vibrational energy. This has a very negative effect on the person as a whole and their health. One of the universal laws of nature is like vibration, attracts like vibration (The Law of Vibration). A body vibrating low will automatically attract only low vibrational things. Now, you might have wondered why so many negative things constantly happen to miserable, angry, sad and depressed people. Their low vibration automatically attracts all those low vibrating negative things into their lives. They are actually dying from the inside out!

The moment you release all those Negative Emotional Charges (NEC), your own body’s vibrational frequency will pick up. You will have a much higher vibration, thus automatically attracting many more good and positive things into your life. You will have much more control of all your emotions and thoughts. You will be able to choose precisely how to feel every moment in any situation. Why not choose to feel great all the time? That is what I do. Now, I am not suggesting that you want to feel great right now. But just imagine being in control of your emotions and thoughts. How much better will you be able to steer through life, effortlessly? What will that be worth to you? For me, that is priceless! You simply cannot put a price on this!

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