Inner Conflict Therapy™

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Inner Conflict Therapy ™ - New Pre-Framing


Inner Conflict Therapy™ - Demo 1 - A lot of Resistance in Client

Comment about the Video above

Annette was a really Challenging Client. I could not finish the Inner Conflict Therapy the first time with her because of her extreme Resistance to her negative part. Watch the Video and my comment Video at the end, so you will know how to handle a situation like this if it ever happens to you.

Inner Conflict Therapy™ - Demo 2

Inner Conflict Therapy™ - Script & Process Explained Step by Step

Typical Challenges That Might Happen During ICT & Questions with Answers

Video 1

Video 2

Inner Conflict Therapy™ - Demo 3

Inner Conflict Therapy™ - Demo 4

Isobel - Inner Conflict Therapy™ - Demo 2016